5 Reasons Not to Borrow

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5 Reasons Not to Borrow

Ideal Lending will literally charge half as much as any other title lender in Idaho on a title loan, however we do not claim to be cheap. The APR we charge is about 10 times that of a traditional bank loan. In other words, we are only cheap by comparison to other alternative lenders. We suggest you borrow responsibly and not borrow for frivolous things.

Five things not to borrow for with a high interest loan

5 – Just to have some spare cash – why not?
4 – Getting yourself a birthday present
3 – Starting in a pyramid scheme
2 – Gucci
1 –  Speculating in the stock market

Five good reasons to borrow with Ideal Lending
5 – Emergency!
4 – Refinance higher interest loans
3 – Tide you over while waiting on first paycheck
2 – Take advantage of an insanely good deal
1 – Food and shelter

Obviously these are not comprehensive lists, but we do encourage our customers to consider the pros and cons of the loan and only borrow when needed.

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