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Ideal Lending’s Owner Benjamin Martineau with his wife and three children

Welcome To Ideal Lending

Ideal Lending is bringing reform to the alternative lending business here in the treasure valley area. We believe we can offer better service, better loans, and charge half the cost of traditional title lenders. We are able to do this by having very low overhead, and focusing on our customers. We aim to treat our customers right, and expect that if we do so, they will treat us right as well.

The name Ideal Lending is because we put ideals first. Some may consider the title/payday lending business to be a sleazy and corrupt industry; we say not to label an entire industry for a few bad apples. We aim for transparency, following the letter and spirit of applicable laws, and we put ideals ahead of profits. The Martineau family started this business in June of 2012 and hope to do this for a long time in the future.

Our Values

Integrity is our number one value. The founder, Benjamin Martineau was an eagle scout and strongly believes on being trustworthy and honest. Integrity comes first, before anything else. If we can’t run a business with integrity then it is not worth running a business.
One of the big complaints about alternative lending is that people do not understand what they are getting in to. We try to be as transparent and open as possible. There are no secrets here and we try to keep our contracts and other literature as straightforward as possible.
What good is transparency if people do not understand what you are being transparent about? We want to make sure we not only inform, but teach people so that they understand their loans completely. This is part of the reason for this website. We also ensure the people who work for us are knowledgeable.