Advantages of Title Loans

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Advantages of Title Loans

If you are considering a title loan, you should consider all its advantages and disadvantages. There are many companies that will offer a title loan to a client, but there are just a few that will tell their clients all the pros and cons of what they are offering them. For you to be able to make the best educated decision, we have gathered the most important advantages of receiving a title loan from Ideal Lending, LLC – a local Boise, ID company.

Quick Access

If you want funding super quick, a title loan is the only thing that can help you. It usually only takes less than an hour to get the funding you need at a rate you can afford.


Small Amount

We are willing to make loans of any size- even very small ones just to tide you over in an emergency situation.


Credit History is Irrelevant

Those with bad credit history are usually denied by banks and credit unions even if they provide collateral and proof they can pay the loan back. At Ideal Lending of Boise, ID there is no need to worry because there are no credit checks.


High Approval Rates

Because there is no credit check, your chances of approval are based on your ability to repay.  Every car is worth something, we can almost always help.  Call 208-336-LOAN to get more information.


Low Interest Rates

Since title loans are meant to be short term loans, the rates that are offered to clients can be as high as 511%!  With Ideal Lending, LLC  a client receives 150% interest that never increases, even if a payment is late. In fact this lender offers a grace period so that clients feel safe of repossession.

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