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You are hours from fast cash!

Looking for some cash to afford home improvements? You can obtain a fast cash loan from Half Price Title Loans. When a pipe burst or your roof begins to drip, you are aware that it will be costly to fix. A lot of times you won’t have the cash on hand to afford these costs. [...]

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What is a Title Loan?

Auto title loans are offered by auto title lenders who offer financing options to anyone.  Auto title loans are short term loans offered as advance cash after the borrower pledges his car as collateral against the loan.  The cash given is any amount up to the actual value of the car.   Auto title lenders [...]

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Title Loans by Ideal Lending, LLC in Boise

Ideal Lending, LLC wants to give you a cash loan even if you have a subpar credit report.  We don’t look into your credit report due to the fact our loans are based on your car title and not a credit history.   You can even be able to keep possession of your car while [...]

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Title Loan FAQ

What are the interest rates? Our title loan interest rates start as low as 80% APR and go up to 150% APR, which works out to be just $6.66 per $100 per month up to $12.5 per $100 per month. (The APR is based on the amount borrowed).  This is half the rate of other [...]

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Advantages of Title Loans

If you are considering a title loan, you should consider all its advantages and disadvantages. There are many companies that will offer a title loan to a client, but there are just a few that will tell their clients all the pros and cons of what they are offering them. For you to be able [...]

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Financial Freedom in Boise!

When things get really tough financially, it is nice to know that there are people out there who care. When you need a Boise title loan please visit Ideal Lending, LLC; you get the benefit of a cash loan that does not rest upon your credit rating. Having a poor credit rating used to mean [...]

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Tips to Build your Credit

Some of our Boise title loan customers get title loans when they are in a need of financial assistance without having to go through an extensive credit check.  Banks run your credit and can quickly deny you for a loan based on your credit score.  When you get an title loan with Ideal Lending, LLC [...]

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Honest Boise Title Lender

Ideal Lending, LLC is hands down the best Boise title loan company in the Southwest Idaho area, guaranteed.  We offer various re-payment plans, no prepayment penalties, no sign up fees, and have the lowest interest rates around!  Now you may be thinking, “Well this is great, but what’s the catch?”  Honest to say, there is [...]

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