5 Reasons Not to Borrow

Ideal Lending will literally charge half as much as any other title lender in Idaho on a title loan, however we do not claim to be cheap. The APR we charge is about 10 times that of a traditional bank loan. In other words, we are only cheap by comparison to other alternative lenders. We [...]

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Ideal Lending vs. Other Loans

Alternative lending Payday Loans With a payday loan collateral used is a postdated check. The check is postdated to the borrowers next payday. If the borrower needs, they can pay just the interest and postpone full payment until the next paycheck. APR on these types of loans in Boise is generally around 520% APR, or [...]

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What is APR?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. This is the cost of your credit expressed as a yearly rate. APR is used to calculate how much interest you pay. APR describes the interest for a whole year. For example, interest at 10% on $120 would be $12 for the year. At Ideal Lending (and most, but not [...]

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Apply today for the cash you need

Receive a fast title loan with Ideal Lending, LLC. We give people affordable rate loans together with a pay back plan that works for you. Car title loans are an ideal option to receive money quickly. To begin, you are able to get a loan even if you have subpar credit because your credit report [...]

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Need a Cash Loan but Bad Credit?

Use your vehicle title to get an car title loan. This way you can obtain a loan even if you possess subpar credit. When youcall 208-336-LOAN you will be instantly preapproved for a quick cash loan. You will even discover how much quick money you are eligible to receive. Getting a loan is quick and [...]

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You are hours from fast cash!

Looking for some cash to afford home improvements? You can obtain a fast cash loan from Half Price Title Loans. When a pipe burst or your roof begins to drip, you are aware that it will be costly to fix. A lot of times you won’t have the cash on hand to afford these costs. [...]

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Title Loans by Ideal Lending, LLC in Boise

Ideal Lending, LLC wants to give you a cash loan even if you have a subpar credit report.  We don’t look into your credit report due to the fact our loans are based on your car title and not a credit history.   You can even be able to keep possession of your car while [...]

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Honest Boise Title Lender

Ideal Lending, LLC is hands down the best Boise title loan company in the Southwest Idaho area, guaranteed.  We offer various re-payment plans, no prepayment penalties, no sign up fees, and have the lowest interest rates around!  Now you may be thinking, “Well this is great, but what’s the catch?”  Honest to say, there is [...]

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Why Ideal Lending, LLC offers a Grace Period

Here at Ideal Lending, LLC we strive to relieve financial hardships for customers, not add to them.  Therefore, we offer the convenience of a grace period when you receive a title loan with us. The definition of a grace period is the fixed time period in loan contracts during which a late payment will not [...]

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Fast, Easy Loans!

At Ideal Lending, LLC, we provide Boise title loans  and have already started sweeping business within and around the treasure valley area.  We provide Idaho title loans for personal and business reasons to car owners who have a clear title (Residents welcomed from Boise, Kuna, Nampa, Meridian, Star, Eagle, Mountain Home). You will find only [...]

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