Title Loans- Not Just for Cars!

Here at Ideal Lending, LLC, we make it simple and easy to get a Boise title loan in even if you may not own a car per se.  Many people own other types of vehicles such as motorcycles, tractor trailers, or even boats!  Although it may be rare to take out a loan on a [...]

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Recent Reports on Title Loans

“The ABC15 Investigators took each location of a licensed title loan business and plotted them on a map. We found high concentrations in areas with high poverty rates according to the most recent census data." –Joe Ducey, ABC 15 Investigative Reporter, Phoenix, AZ, July 2011   “Is there a legitimate business in our nation today [...]

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Be Healthy while Saving Money

Sometimes it seems difficult to eat healthy and not spend a lot of money on the food you eat. Organic food is more expensive than a hamburger at McDonalds, so if you are tight on cash, it is natural that you would choose the burger. However, if you stop eating at fast food places and [...]

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We want to Refinance YOUR Title Loan!

Are you paying too much for your Boise title loan right now? Do you wish you could be paying lower interest rates?  Why not refinance with an Idaho title loan company that cares. With Ideal Lending, LLC, you can come to us at any time to refinance your loan with your current title loan lender. [...]

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Title Lending in the Free Market

I was just reading another article on the recently published data on the Virginia title lending industry.  This article was very slanted against title lenders.  My favorite comment that really puts things into perspective was this:   Simple solution Submitted by William Tabor, Chesapeake, VA on Tue, 07/17/2012 at 10:55 am. If the Editorial Staff [...]

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Title Lending in Virginia

Businessweek recently featured an article on title loan lending in Virginia.  Here are some of the more interesting tidbits: "Virginia car title lenders doled out nearly 128,500 loans worth more than $125 million in 2011, according to data collected by the State Corporation Commission for the first full year under state regulation. Car title lenders [...]

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