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Fast, Easy Loans!

At Ideal Lending, LLC, we provide Boise title loans  and have already started sweeping business within and around the treasure valley area.  We provide Idaho title loans for personal and business reasons to car owners who have a clear title (Residents welcomed from Boise, Kuna, Nampa, Meridian, Star, Eagle, Mountain Home).
You will find only GREAT reviews about our company!  Don’t waste your time with our competition and their high rates, simply come to us and we will have you walking out with a check in YOUR NAME within minutes.  We are THE place to go for your Idaho title loan~10% a month, can’t be beat!

If you have unpaid bills, or are in a bad financial situation that requires a FAST LOAN to solve your problem, then get out your title and bring it in to us ASAP!
EVERY car is worth SOMETHING! Call us to get a quote on how much you can get TODAY, you may be surprised!

WHY US?  We charge at least half the interest rate of the other guys! NO ONE ELSE IS LOWER.
We UNDERSTAND during these hard times that you NEED OUR HELP.  WE APPROVE EVERYONE!
NO CREDIT CHECK!  Loan is SOLEY based on value of car, and your ability to pay us back!

Bring the following documents to receive your Boise title loan from Ideal Lending, LLC:
-Spare key
-Insurance Card

Not only will you get great service, but you will feel MORE comfortable speaking with our loan officers because we are on your side, and we understand!  NO OTHER BUSINESS WILL PROVIDE THIS KIND OF SERVICE on details and terms so that YOU can better understand YOUR LOAN!

We retain your title until you pay us back.  CALL US TODAY! 208-336-5626

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