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1107, 2013

You are hours from fast cash!

Looking for some cash to afford home improvements? You can obtain a fast cash loan from Half Price Title Loans. When a pipe burst or your roof begins to drip, you are aware that it will be costly to fix. A lot of times you won’t have the cash on [...]

307, 2013

What is a Title Loan?

Auto title loans are offered by auto title lenders who offer financing options to anyone.  Auto title loans are short term loans offered as advance cash after the borrower pledges his car as collateral against the loan.  The cash given is any amount up to the actual value of the [...]

107, 2013

Title Loans by Ideal Lending, LLC in Boise

Ideal Lending, LLC wants to give you a cash loan even if you have a subpar credit report.  We don’t look into your credit report due to the fact our loans are based on your car title and not a credit history.   You can even be able to keep [...]

2206, 2013

Use Ideal Lending, LLC for your Title Loan!

Need fast cash?  Call Ideal Lending, LLC today at 208-336-LOAN for an appointment to come in and get your money!  Every car is worth something, and with our affordable interest rates, we can set up a payment plan to fit your budget.

106, 2013

Title Loan FAQ

What are the interest rates? Our title loan interest rates start as low as 80% APR and go up to 150% APR, which works out to be just $6.66 per $100 per month up to $12.5 per $100 per month. (The APR is based on the amount borrowed).  This is [...]

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